Interview at Oxide Radio

Last year Whitney Conti invited me as a guest at her radio show “Touring the soundscape”. Although this happened last year at University of Oxford’s Oxide Radio, I’ve just found some time to upload it here.

I spoke about chipmusic, 8bit sounds, the scene, Europe in 8 bits, Eindbaas, and the mainstream. Bear in mind that back then I didn’t know as much as I know today – which still, isn’t perfect! It’s a selection of good tunes though. The show begins at 8:20, sorry for not cropping, I’ve got a new laptop so haven’t loaded it up with any sound editing software yet.


Sally Zero – Ninja tape machine

gwEm and Counter reset – the man-machine (die Mensch-Maschine)

Chipzel – Something beautiful

Bondage Fairies – Fantasy outfit

Sabrepulse (feat. Knife City) – First crush

Gidropony – Princess coca

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden

Ultrasyd – Chipdancers

Enjoy it here!


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