Ice Music Festival 2011 – Day 3

I’ve written this post 2 days ago, but I only managed to publish it now that I’m back at Oxford. I’ve kept it as it was written:

Today was the grand finale of Ice Music festival. I can say that by now I have a pretty clear idea of what this is all about. But I won’t reveal anything yet! Before Bill’s show, I gave a brief interview to Luke, the Irish journalist that has a radio show at Lyrics? Lyrical? Radio, talking about Ice Music festival, my research, bits of chip music etc. That was fun and interesting. To me anyway!

Bill Covitz opened the day at 5 pm. He turned a massive block of ice weighting 200 kgs to an ice sculpture and more specifically, a tiger. The audience was quite mixed today; it was Saturday and many tourists were in Geilo – a big majority of them, families. There were few youngsters messing about – especially Pål’s 2-year old son, who exclaimed “Look daddy, a tiger!”. Pål introduced Bill to the audience as an professional ice sculptor who runs a company called “Ice Matters”. They get lots of orders for bachelor’s parties, but Bill works on a variety of projects, one of which is the Ice Music festival (for the last 6 years, since the beginning of it).

Photo by B. H. Muns

After the sculpting of the tiger, Pål challenged him to make two mugs, which could be used for real drinks (so they should be hollow). Pal asked the crowd to guess how fast he can make them, and the winner would win the mugs if they wanted them. Bill finished his task in 3’10’’ minutes.

Photo by B. H. Muns

I did not go to the meditation at 22pm as I had started getting really cold, and decided I wouldn’t be able to make it to the midnight concert, which I definitely wanted to see. Other journalists told me when we arrived at Kikutkroa ski centre that they really enjoyed it. They even lied down on the sheep skins and glazed at the stars listening to Terje’s improvisations on his ice instruments.

The biggest crowd of all three days showed up at the midnight concert. A mixture of locals, other Norwegians, people that work at the ski resorts for the period, and lots of tourists constructed a really vibrant atmosphere in the audience. I tried harder than the other days to find a good spot to record the concert and get some good pictures and videos. We saw on stage Bram, on ice guitar and electronics (same set up as yesterday), Mari on vocals, bits of isleik, and sampled vocals, and Terje on ice instruments (iceophones, ice horns, whispers, beatboxing). The three of them presented us few songs from Terje’s latest album entitled “Winter Songs” (which was available to buy at the festival merchandise kiosk, along with his other albums).

After 40 minutes, it was time to go, leaving us without an encore – and without an excuse. Ivar told me that they need to take down the stage tonight, as it is dangerous for the visitors of Kikut ski resort. So everything is going to melt…


Ice Music Festival 2011 is history now. However, there are several ice events around the world that Terje promotes (see his website for more information). Tomorrow we’re leaving back Geilo, travelling to Bergen this time, and then back to the UK.


A more consise article version is to be written very soon! Until then, I’m going back to my normal postings of the PhD experience… It should not be neglected, there are still things to do!





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