Full-time student, part-time lecturer, all-around researcher, and freelance composer of darkwave music.

I studied in Athens (NKUA-Music, BMUS in Music Studies), London (UCL-Anthropology, MA in Material and Visual Culture), Athens (NKUA-Media and Music, MA in Music, Culture, and Communication), and Oxford (Oxford University-Music, DPhil in Music). I’ve always had an interest in music technology and anthropology.

At this point in my life I’m finishing  my thesis entitled “Creativity in Networked Digital Music: An Ethnography of Chipmusic and the Chipscene”, under the supervision of Professor Martin Stokes with a full scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation in Greece. I’m based at the Faculty of Music and I’m a member of St. Peter’s College at the University of Oxford.

I have served as a student committee member of the Royal Musical Association, proposing a plan to enhance RMA/student online presence introducing a student blog. I’m a postgraduate fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute and the Royal Geographical Society. My academic family also extends to the Association of Internet Researchers, the British Forum for Ethnomusicology, and the Society for Ethnomusicology.

I am interested in social networks using cross-disciplinary methods from the humanities, social sciences, and information communication technologies (ICT). Some people would call me an ethnomusicologist; some ethnomusicologists might not. I’m not sure what I am anymore!


  • Chipmusic and Chipscene Network research
  • Musical hacking: Circuit-bending (Master’s thesis at NKUA)
  • Material Culture of Experimental Music (Master’s thesis at UCL)
  • Ethnography of Greek music network in London (started project in Song Collectors Collective/SOAS)
  • Ice Music festival, Norway (small-scale project)
  • Network of scholars working cross-disciplinary in ICT-Social Sciences-Humanities (launch: Oct. 2014)

For a publications/presentations/articles list, check my profile on Academia.


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