Honey moon, connected life 2014


Today I went at the first student-led conference of the Oxford Internet Institute at Oxford University. Its title: Connected Life (2014). As you can guess, it was all about connectedness and disconnectedness in our vastly digital and physical world. There were paper and poster presentations, conversations on method, power, law, culture, education etc. We had fun with the Twitter hashtag (#OxCL14), enjoyed the wonderful rooms, hall, and quads at Balliol College, and we often queued outside the Wikileaks, aka the toilets.

It has been great meeting and hearing to all those people’s stories; sharing common interests with such a diverse group is fantastic. I enjoyed every session I attended, but more importantly, I liked talking to people. Although our backgrounds were often significantly different, we somehow managed to find a way to connect – we did exactly as the conference title dictated.

Such a day is brought to close by an unusual natural phenomenon: the honey moon. I find this rather successful – a “connected life” followed by a “honey moon”!

So thanks to everyone who participated – and more importantly, to all the people at OII who organised the conference. I hope we meet again soon; hopefully before the next honey moon. 


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