Celebrating 4 years of blogging

It’s been four years since I started this blog (it was launched on April 1st, 2008). In the beginning it seemed like an April Fool’s joke. Blogging was a daily trend at the time, and almost everyone who was someone maintained their public-personal diary on whatever you can imagine.

This was pointless to me. I wanted to document my current research at the time (circuit bending) and to do some networking. Although it was in a relatively small scale, it worked. The blogged proved to be useful for my research.

Moving on to my time at Oxford, I decided to continue this blog. I’m glad to say that today it’s really helpful going back two years ago reading my initial thoughts on my DPhil and comparing them with today.

The road to chip music and its community was paved with several difficulties and obnoxious (prior to my current knowledge) situations. There are few things today regarding my idea of chip music that are similar to my initial understanding. And this blog has helped me in several ways to come closer to the truth: by meeting people who were kind enough to explain to me what’s this all about, and by writing about it and clarifying it in my head.

This webpage is my digital home – although I’m not here all the time, you can see what I’m up to. And I really like this! I wish I had a 3D space like this, perhaps in Second Life. Maybe one day.

I’ve changed the design of “Please hire.Desperate”. I think it looks more neat like this and it’s easier to search posts. Quite journalistic I’d say, but it works.

Thanks for being around 🙂


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