Catching up

Fact of the day: when in fieldwork mood, it’s difficult to keep up with everyday life.

There are several things I’d like to stress in this blog post, however, there isn’t enough time, space, words to describe them.

1) “8 bit’em’all” event in Paris

That was AWESOME. Fantastic people, super music, and hypnotic atmosphere. I lasted 16 hours in a row.

2) Europe in 8 bits documentary
If you still haven’t looked at this webpage do so. It’s the first European documentary on the 8 bit/ chipmusic scene.
3) “Worldtronics ’11” in Berlin
I must say, not one of my favourite events so far. The venue: 9/10. Line-up: 9/10. The organisers: -1/10
I have to be frank and absolutely honest, this relies simply on my experience. I’m sure the audience had a great time BUT:
– Bubblyfish SHOULD have been the headliner and NOT the act to open the event -WTF?
– I was told it was an event featuring ONLY women of the 8bit scene. Although there was a significant amount of ladies, I wouldn’t call it a riot grrrl event at all. (Have a look here).
– It’s the first time I encountered several shut doors when trying to do my research. And I strongly believe – please correct me if I’m wrong – this is because the people organising the event had nothing to do with the community (ie not sharing ideology, purposes and aims). From my experience so far, the community is very encouraging, and no-one ever attempted to even stop be from getting a backstage pass. German professionalism doesn’t allow people to do that little extra thing that is not included in their job description. I understand that, I note it down and I’m going on.
– I noticed something interesting about the venue, Haus der Kulturen den Welt – or the pregnant oyster as the locals call it (Schwangere Auster). It was a gift from the Americans to West Berlin and its aim was to host contemporary non-European art. As I understand it, its purpose has extended and now European art is revisited etc.
– A crew from ZDF, a German TV channel, was filming the event. Hmm…
4) SHAKE IT! In Valencia
One of the most amazing 8bit parties I’ve been to. I’ll be posting pictures and videos as soon as I can!
I’d also like to comment on digital awakening with the rise of the Internet and social communication sites such as Facebook and more importantly, Twitter. Following the events in Tahrir, where a whole regime ended when people that “tweeted” or “blogged” or communicated in any way online gathered in Cairo, I saw today the new core of the revolution. “Russian protest biggest in years” writes BBC News. This time, the gathering is on Bolotnaya square, Moscow. And people are trying to regain the power.
It’s very interesting how people become more politically aware through the Internet – a great source of videos, articles, pictures, sounds. The truth is out there? Yes, but some things are not to be trusted – as in the real world. It’s the re-creation of media. The digital era begun years ago but now people are realising its impact.
That’s all for now, I will prob write more another night…

One thought on “Catching up

  1. I would have appreciated if you had warned me before copy-pasting my review of the 8-bit’em’all. Only posting a link to the original article and a few extracts (with my permission) would have been better in my opinion.

    Please contact me by e-mail, I had a special request concerning the contents of this review and my modification is useless if you do not change the text on this page.

    Thanks in advance.

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