The Summer Sonnets

Right… Where do I begin?

It’s been three months since my last post. Almost four I dare to say! I don’t feel guilty though about it, I have been really, REALLY busy. Sometimes you need to keep your thoughts to yourself, you know. No? Well, I do. There are still some things that I don’t want to reveal – note to self: analyse in my dissertations blogging issues and the private/public thought-space.

One of the reasons I’m blogging now, is because I feel proud for myself, for succeeding in three areas:

a) I’m officially a DPhil student/researcher or whatever they call it. I’m ready for my research – well, need to get some funding first but… – and I’ve got Oxford’s blessings. After a long and painful procedure that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. It’s such a cathartic experience though, you lose confidence in yourself, feel remorse, despise what you do, and then again you feel that you’re just getting worse and what’s the point at the end of the day? As it usually happens, that’s the point when you reach the bottom that you get a revelation – kind of like Dr. House, 3 minutes before the patient is expected to die, he just makes the missing connection. The moment of revelation is when you start building up your self-esteem, respect and of course, confidence. Especially in the field of humanities where things are quite flexible and fluid, self-awareness is very important. Suddenly, it all made sense. Not so suddenly though, I’ve been working on it for months! But you get my point.

b) I succeeded in an academic job interview which brought me to the side of Southampton Solent University. Of course, there’s still a procedure before I get started on the job, requiring references, CRBs, and students to enrol at the course. I’m delighted about it and very much looking forward to it.

c) I taught the course “Archaeology and Anthropology” for Oxbridge Academic Programs and this was a fresh breeze of hope for the future, that there are actually kids out there that are genuinely interested in learning, exploring, understanding and experiencing. I will soon upload their work, a brochure for which they’ve been working harder than undergraduate students before finals. I’m very proud of them and they should be of themselves!

So, where to now? Research. New York. At some point. I really need to talk to as many chip musicians as possible. If you’re out there, drop me an e-mail, it’s definitely for a good cause!

The second reason of this post, is to state the obvious: literature is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Reading books gives you a little something that you can’t get anywhere else. I’ve read so many books lately, re-read Orwell’s 1984, Huxley’s Brave New World, Zamyatin’s We, but also I’ve been reading Chavs:The Demonization of the Working Class, RetroMania, No Logo, and so many other titles. I love books.

We are approaching the end of August and I’m getting ready to move home once more. Third time in three years. Back in Summertown now…


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