…and just when you’re ready to begin…

…That’s exactly when you won’t be able to. I took the break that I needed, had so much time to think over my essays, I did lots of critical reading, and I was ready to begin writing constructively. And then here it is, viral infection. I’ve had this thing for more than a week now, and I’ve spent the majority of my time in bed, not being able to lift my limbs. I hate being ill, and I hate it even more when I’ve got work to do. Until today, I couldn’t sit in front of my computer monitor, it would give me instant headache. I still haven’t slept solidly overnight. See, I have the full package of illness, that time of the month, and the effect of antibiotics in my system. Not to mention snot and other unpleasant body liquids and odours. I’m disgusting and I can’t stand myself! At the utmost of it all, the bath’s drain is blocked, which means we can’t use it at all. Amazing times.


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