Submission day #1

I’m pretty much sure there are many more submission days to come, so I’ve started numbering them! Today I submitted the transfer of status application to the Humanities Division. This is one of the official University examinations that will lead to my final assessment as a Doctor.

To succeed in this examination, I had to submit two 5,000 word essays (methodology and literature review), a short abstract, a chapter outline and a GSO.2 form stating my progress so far, skills I would like to develop etc.

I will upload the essays as soon as my supervisor informs me it is alright to make them public. During our last meeting, he mentioned the 14th of March as a potential day of my oral examination, but he hasn’t confirmed it yet. The oral exam will be a formal discussion of my topic, and I will get feedback from my supervisor, Dr Martin Stokes and Dr Eric Clarke, who is my reader/examiner.

It feels great to submit your work – but it is stressful… This morning I was stuck for about an hour, didn’t know what to wear, if I’d cycle, walk, or take the bus.


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