More on ice-Musical polarities…

I have been quite busy, I don’t even have the time to update this blog! However, I have a tiny update. The other day I gave a presentation at St. Peter’s College, Oxford on the subject of “Ice music: musical polarities”. I will upload the presentation once I sort out my technical problems… But until then, I have finally sorted out my technical difficulties and the presentation is up and running on YouTube!

I don’t want to spoil it for you, but expect to hear sound examples derived from the coldwave movement, neue Deutsche Welle, and of course, Ice Music by Terje Isungset. My aim in this project was to present the metaphoric and ontological relationship between ice, cold, and music. To this I may add that I have written a small essay that hopefully will guide you through the presentation.

Here you can download and read the very brief outline.

And here’s the presentation. Just click and enjoy.

The presentation went great, due to the AMAZING sound system at Dorfmann centre, which is in the College premises. I really enjoyed Dr Allen’s remarks, but more information about it all soon.


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