Merry Christmas and Updates

Before I start my annual Christmas rant, let me wish you Merry Christmas! For many it doesn’t mean anything, either because they are not Christians or because they believe that Christmas is actually a way to spend more money, trying to buy happiness but also bringing a “bah-humbug” feeling to the ones actually paying for the price of it.

For me, Christmas is good. Nice. Makes me feel “homey” wherever I may be. This year I am with my family, in my hometown, surrounded by not many people, missing many people, wishing I had more time with other people. I’ve been here for a week, and I still don’t feel like I’m on holidays; been working properly, had few job rejection e-mails, applied for few more, haven’t stopped worrying and yet, I haven’t fully embraced the festive spirit.

As everyone, I’m thinking about my new year resolutions. I definitely focus on a better way of living, earning and giving.

Leaving back my sentimental feelings – admit it, you must have them, it’s Christmas! – I’ve got a busy term ahead. Hilary term 2011 is going to be very productive. I have to complete my transfer of status and keep on writing my dissertation. I need to look for more teaching opportunities. Also, I need to write more… Already three NYR (new year resolutions).

I still have five days to enjoy in 2010 and I intend on making the most of them!

Again, Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy whatever you’re doing and make sure you take care of your loved ones.


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