The stress factor

I’ve been meaning to blog for more than a week – quite possibly, since the beginning of this month. I’d like to make a list of the things that have annoyed me or continue to annoy me, basically have a massive rant, but also brag about the latest stuff I’ve been doing. Hopefully, out of this comparison, the positive aspects will be more than the negative!

1. Moving residence IS one of the most stressful moments in anyone’s life.

I am a victim of this common issue. We’ve moved in a lovely Victorian house, which is quite old – and as expected has many problems than need to be sorted out (new windows, guttering, clean the garden, get furniture, arrange trash to be picked up etc). And as expected, we all need to sort out our personal stuff (change of address, get our post from the previous address etc). We still have no Internet connection, so I’ve bought a dongle to do the really basic stuff (like blogging :-)). It seems however, that most of the things will be sorted out by the end of October (cross my fingers!).

2. International banking is a massive problem.

I tried to use my greek bank card last week, and for some reason I was credited the money I tried to withdraw, but I never got any of it, nor a receipt of the transaction. “This transaction cannot be completed, please contact your bank issuer”. I did. And apparently, I have to wait up to two weeks to see what’s going happen with the money I requested. If magically the electronic system decides that I never took it, they’ll be credited back to my account. If I’m unlucky enough, then I’ll have to wait 45 days and take the matter further up the bank hierarchy. Bottom line is that I’m skint, and this is the second time that it happens to me. Complaint letter is on the way, but I doubt this will change things.

3. Communication companies are money vampires that don’t give a dime about customers.

First I was told I had to wait two weeks to have broadband and an active telephone line in my new residence. We’re currently on the 4th week. Complaint letter is on its way too.

4. Bureaucracy and regulations are made to discourage us.

I had to pass a swim test in order to be allowed to row in my college. I failed the test twice because I was afraid to dive and swim underwater in a pool for 5 metres, despite the fact that I’ve swam more than 50 metres on the surface and tried to dive three times. My career as a rower ended at the beginning; I may write a complaint letter about it, fear of the pool is immense! They shouldn’t fail me, I’m Greek and I’m used to swimming in the sea, not a prison of stable water that stinks.

5. For all those reasons I haven’t been able to do much University work.

But I have faith!

Alright then, that wasn’t that bad. Let’s take a look on the other side:

1. College presentation.

I’m presenting a short poster at St. Peter’s Grad fest on the 2nd November. I still haven’t decided what it will be on.

2. University seminar presentation.

Next Friday, 22nd October I’ll be talking on the combination of ethnography and cyberethnography as research methods. Faculty of Music, University of Oxford, 9:30am (just for 10 minutes). If this turns to be good, I may do a more advanced poster for the Grad Fest at SPC.

3. Celebrating the end of my essays.

I can feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes, my essays will soon be over, and so the story goes. Finished all the planning, now I’m halfway with the writing. Oh yeah. Transfer of status, here I come!

4. The house’s location is fantastic.

It takes me five minutes to cycle in the city centre. Amazing! And the University park is so beautiful and so close to the house…I’m loving it!

5. Potential upgrade in my research project.

I cannot discuss this yet… Tuesday I’ve got a meeting, this will hopefully be good…!

6. I’m happy and healthy!

So yes, the positive aspects WIN!



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