I’d like to start this post with a very brief but nostalgic story…

One year ago, I relocated at Oxford, UK. Finding the right place to stay was a challenging task. After more than 10 viewings, 4 day visits to Oxford from London, hundreds of pounds spent in transportation, I managed to find a flatmate and a flat in lovely Summertown, North Oxford. We’ve spent a year there; all I remember is joyful moments. After 12 months, it’s time to move out again, this time to a bigger house. I’m really happy and sad at the same time, and this is the reason I’m writing this post now and not a day before I move out the flat. I’ll never forget the fun times we had in Summertown, but I’m looking forward to the next era in Marston.

For this and many other reasons, I’ve been really busy lately. And I mean, REALLY busy. I still don’t know the exact day that we’re moving in the new house – could be the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of October. I’ve got many projects going on that I have neglected, so I’m really sorry to everyone. However, trust in me, and I’ll be done with everything soon. I wasn’t expecting to move out now, so it all happened very quickly, without letting me any time to arrange my projects.

Well, since I’m at home now, I could crack on and do some work, so please my dear blog, stop taking up my home time!


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