Farewell to the Grammatics

I’m so gutted the Grammatics disbanded. I really liked them and I believed they could make it really big: amazing performers, excellent musicians, REALLY good songs/melodies/lyrics. I wish they had more free time and amazing marketing managers to push them onto something much better than what they got. It’s a shame though. Anyway, I’m not here to moan about it, what’s done is done and I just hope we’ll hear from them in the future.

They seem to have gotten bankrupt. For this reason, they put together a pledge, where many people have already participated. I bought their last EP, supported them with an extra donation but there are other things you can get as well. Take a look on the pledge music website.

I am currently listening to their “Krupt” EP. It is a very good swan song. Such a shame for not being able to go on.

And for the ones that did not know them, enjoy “D.i.l.e.m.m.a.”


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