Facelift for the new academic year

I’ve done a bit of a facelift on my blog, nothing too extravagant as I don’t really know how to do many things.

The newest additions are:

1) CV Section. You can read what I’ve done in my life and if I could be of assistance you can contact me. I’m always open to several propositions so don’t hesitate!

2) Donations and support. As you’ve already seen, I’ve uploaded on top right my Amazon wish list. Many thanks for the ones that have already bought me books I need, it is really appreciated and needed. If you send me an e-mail with your address, I will make sure I post a thank you note for you. Send this to marilou dot polymeropoulou at music.ox.ac.uk.

Also, I’ve set up an online shop and created a Desperate mug and stickers. I know they seem a bit expensive, but they are really worth it! It’s a nice way to support me and get something in return…

Finally, the Paypal donation is always on, again thank you for making contributions to it, every cent/penny counts and assists me in my studies!

3) I’ve added a flickr slide show on the side bar, that’s pictures I’m regularly taking and I’d like to share with you…

Again thanks for reading me, it’s been a pleasure so far!


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