Graduate aspiration: Teaching at University

One of my dreams will become real in April 2011: Teaching at University! I’m a part-time tutor for the department of continuing education at the University of Oxford. Officially I’m an academic (hurray!) and I’ll be putting my knowledge and experience into teaching adults the subject of Music + Art. With a contemporary twist obviously.

The University of Oxford has been brilliant so far in supporting me: tutorial meetings, trainings, encouragement from officials and other tutors. Yesterday I attended the Induction day for new tutors at the heart of OUDCE, Rewley House. Me and about 25 other new tutors with none or previous experience in teaching met at the Sadler room, received A+ training, shared experiences, questions, funny moments.

My favourite part was “organising your first lecture”. We were given ideas on what to say, how to introduce each other, several games to break the ice, but also the important issues of admin work (who will keep the register?) and safety issues. I know exactly how to start, and I’m really happy that I have loads of time to prepare my first lecture.

Another really positive input was on marking homework. It still is a bit complicated in my mind, but I think I will manage. Actually, we give students’ the option between a portfolio (2-5 short essays) or a full length essay (approx. 1000 words).

Extra kudos for the lunch session provided where I got to talk extensively to other tutors. Meeting people is an amazing experience, you can learn so many things just by chatting to them…

I’m ready to rock and I hope I get the chance to teach more after (and maybe before) April!

Alright, procrastination over, back to writing! 🙂


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