Walk blog: on the way to work


I’m sure this has already been done by fellow bloggers, walking and posting at the same time.

I’ve just left my flat and I’m on my way to work, about 25 mins away. Oops here’s a postal box, I need to post my postcards and work forms.

Back on track, it’s getting.g dark and I realise I’m thirsty . I won’t take the shortcut, looks a bit scary anyway.

I’m thinking of the things I have to do and the progress I’ve done. I think most of phd students feel as I do: wasted summer, either not worked as much as expected or feel depressed about their career. My friend Stacey has taken things quite further, complaining about her appearance,   Vaso had an accident that costed her thumb to break, hence no typing, Ivi’s stressed about funding. One conclusion: shit happens but the show must go on.

I’m on the high street, thirsty as ever.

After getting some cold water,  but also cherries and melon for a change ( I hope you’re proud of me Beth!) I’m thinking that I enjoyed being a warden. And I definitely prefer wardening the boys!

Oxford is really quiet at this time. I love it!

Well I’ve reached the office and this is where i’ll stop.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


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