Updates and Downdates

Nothing too exciting happened this week, only the amount of stress was a bit raised. But now it cooled down again! I’ve had a really productive day and I tend to keep it going! I’ve been living a graduate life the last 3 years and I’m about to complete my 4th. That doesn’t really make me proud, but it has made me realise many things:

1) All students suffer the same symptoms and it is all inevitable (see the Matrix reference?). Procrastination is the plague of the graduates and Facebook is its vessel.

2) I’d like to get a decent job before I’m 30. Period.

3) Since I can’t do number 2 immediately, I need to think of alternative ways of getting income. Scholarship, parents allowance, part time jobs, awards, all checked. Now I have found another way to support my studies.

You will notice on the top right side of my blog page too discrete buttons under the “Donations” category. The first is a link to my Amazon book wishlist. Feel free to browse it and if you think you would like to actively engage in my academic progress, don’t hesitate to buy one of the items on my list. Safe and secure through Amazon, and you’ll make me really happy.

Second, there’s a Paypal button where you can donate straight to my Paypal account any amount of money wish. Spare some £££ or $$$ or even €€€? Invest on my daily grocery shopping – you could be buying me milk for all you know!

Just to let you know, my birthday’s coming up and I’m only 3 years away from 30…

And I shall leave you with this PhD comic – I have indeed finished an amazing paragraph… Looking forward to writing the next one tomorrow!


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