Ultimate Desire: First thoughts on the HTC Desire

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I decided to give a little treat to myself, hoping that this will boost my motivation (shopping therapy usually works for me). Here I am, proud owner of the HTC Desire!

I got the device for free with a contract from 3 (actually, just an update of my previous one). I’ve been using it for one day and I am in a position to give some feedback on its features.

To make things clear, it works like a charm. It is all I needed, I can check my e-mails, update my blog, read PDFs, take great quality pictures with the 5 megapixel camera, listen to music, extend the memory up to 32 gb with an mini SD card, customise ringtones, themes, pictures, use Facebook/Twitter/Academia, browse the Internet with Wi-Fi or mobile networks. I can do anything I want – until my needs extend I suppose…

So far I haven’t figured out how it all works, I’m sure it’s a matter of time though. I don’t mind its size, I’m not used to have such a big phone but again, I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Now here comes another dilemma – Should I sell my iPod touch since I no longer need it? I mainly used it to browse the internet and check my e-mails when I was at Uni, and sometimes I’d listen to music. But I don’t really use it now…

My new target gadget however, is a new Apple Macbook Pro, 15”. However, I believe this deserves another post…

P.s: I’m about to finish my report on the Cambridge conference – just to say that I’m still doing work!


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