Sometimes you need a break…

…but rarely you have time and money to get it. I’m really upset, I’m currently working as a house warden at an international college in Oxford and yesterday someone stole £460 from a girl’s bedroom. Gutted. I can’t help it, it really affects me.

Apart from this, I’m a bit upset because of my flatmates, they are so messy and dirty that I don’t even want to be around the flat. Once they’ve finished cooking, they continue to occupy the pans instead of storing their remaining food in the fridge. They also have a tendency to leave the bin dirty, spilling fruits and sauces on it. Not to mention the situation in the shower, where we have a metal storing thing that is supposed to stick on tiles; whenever it falls down (because they shower always with the window closed, so a huge amount of steam gathers and unsticks it from the tiles) they never put it back in place, rather, wait for me to do it. I also don’t like the fact that they leave their plates in the sink – if you can’t wash it then, leave them somewhere else, I want to use that sink! They don’t know how to live with others, period. Are you so used to having everything cleaned by your mothers? Please! You’re getting older, give me a break and act like it!

And oh no, that’s not all.

I didn’t get the studentship, but that doesn’t really bother me. What actually bothers me is the fact that I can’t concentrate and do my work – do I really need holidays? Apparently I do, but I can’t do it now as I’m working.

And yes, I think I’m going give a treat to myself and go for the HTC Desire (instead of the iPhone 4 I was planning to, apparently there are some faults with it). I hope I get a good deal and do it tomorrow. That would be exciting!

Also, I’m thinking of having a redesign of my blog – possibly upgrade to that CSS and get more design options. If anyone knows a thing about how that works, please send me an e-mail.

Argh. Rant over for now.


One thought on “Sometimes you need a break…

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