Blogging day

I quite feel like blogging today, not that I have anything important to say. I’m in the mood for chatting, not to anyone, just myself, but I’m happy that I can let others read my inner dialogue. Weird creatures us bloggers!

The exciting event of the week is my interview tomorrow for a studentship at the Uni of Oxford. I don’t really have my hopes up, as I’m already a student here and they require someone to start from scratch, but just the fact that they invited me for an interview is really promising. I have to prepare 2-3 readings by Georgina Born, nothing that I haven’t read previously. It is all really interesting work, and I’m a massive Born fan – and this is exactly my stressing point as she’ll be interviewing me (she’s the head of the studentship programme). I started my day being woken up by my flatmate that did loads of noise, then I continued taking out the trash in which a colony of insects had occupied, and then after having breakfast I thought it would be a nice idea to go down-town to the Jam Factory to study. It’s a really nice place, restaurant-cafe-art gallery, and it really worked out for some time, until lunch break when it was packed.

Then I moved to St. Peter’s College, and surprisingly it is taken over by a summer school. Was I that loud when I was 15? I bet I weren’t! Anyway, they did my head in, I’m in the library and it’s being renovated so it’s really not an ideal place to study.

Meh, I’ll just go back home I think. I have finished one of the articles and I feel exhausted. I don’t know why. I need sleep and holidays. But I really want to get the studentship… oh please? I’m the best for it and I’m really interested in undertaking this study, it’s so related to what I do! SO RELATED! And I’m devoted, I’ve been such a good student for a year. Please?

Alright, off I go.


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