On the way…home?

Here I am, last night before I return. I can’t believe I feel so exhausted, you know I thought this woild be my holidays! On the contrary, I found myself worrying more about everything, not able to relax a single second, with a boiling lust to go …home.
What’s home? Probably where yiur heart is, this so truth. But at the same time it doesn’t mean you don’t love the people you leave behind. It’s just hard to realise that these people used to be ‘home’ in the past but now they’re not your everyday life.
That’s life, no hard feelings. I’m just very grateful for what I have: family,friends,partner,relatives and random people you see every 6 months, teachers, classmates,people I will meet in the future, people that I’ll never get the chance to meet, home.
And as Teenagersintokyo say, “it’s a long way home but I want to walk it with you”. The journey matters, not the destination.

I’m coming home.


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