14 Days later

I quite like my titles lately, they really amuse me with their film-oriented references.

Alright, well, work is over at least for now! I’m really glad I did it, unfortunately I didn’t manage to make a solid 14 non-stop days of work (I blame this to my age), but I took it to the maximum of my capacities. Outcome: amazing networking, hope for the future, good money and a minor muscle injury which fades away day by day.

At the moment I’m on mini vacation in my hometown (Patras). It’s good to be back here even for few days, see my parents and my friends. I quite enjoy it but my Oxonian life won’t pause for a bit. I’m in the process of writing a report for the Cambridge conference, as my lovely St. Peter’s College funded me to go there and they’d like to read about my experience. Secondly and most importantly, I’m going to apply for a studentship, so I need to do tons of paperwork for this application. I have to submit by the end of next week, and that sucks as I’m going be in Greece until the 14th. But I’ll do my best to finish on time. Cross my fingers!

I can’t help thinking about my return, so many things to do, so little time… It’s funny how I find myself addressing to Oxford as “home” and even funnier, feeling homesick (that is, missing Oxford!).

Here’s a picture I took yesterday when I went at the beach.

Not bad, eh?

Tra for now!


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