The Chronicles of Oxford: the library, the telethon and the frustration

Dear audience,

I’m really pleased you’re out there right now. It’s really nice to talk to someone that can understand. Basically, this is just a RANT letter. I need to do that from time to time and I shouldn’t take it out on specific people, as this is not really fair. So there you are my dear audience, reading these lines.

Last week I started working for St. Peter’s College at the University of Oxford. I’m a DPhil student there as you know so I thought I’d give some of my energy back to it as it’s an amazing place and I love it very much. For this reason, I started working at the library. I quite enjoy my time there, even though it’s a 9-5 job (which I’m not a massive fan of). I got the chance to talk to the library people a little bit more, meet amazing undergraduate students (some of them graduated recently), but also discover books I didn’t even know they existed. It’s a really nice place to work, and I’m delighted as I don’t have to get up very early, as the College was kind enough to provide accommodation in halls.

My evenings are full as I’m working at St. Peter’s College telethon. This is quite demanding, exciting, emotional and interesting at the same time. It really absorbs most of my energy (whatever is left by 6 pm after an exhausting day at the library). I got the chance to talk to alumni students about their time at St. Peter’s college, heard amazing stories, and managed to make some significant contacts for the future. And of course, many of them decided to support the College by donating an amount of money that they can afford, so I’m really happy that I did something useful for my Oxford family.

Apart from this, I’m supposed to be working as a music journalist – Boss, if you’re reading this, I know, I know, I must send you those reviews, I promise I will! – and I really love this as well. It makes me happy to listen to new musics and be able to evaluate them.

Erm what else? Oh yes, I’ve booked my ticket to Greece, go to see my parents for 8 days. I know that’s not many, but I’m afraid I need to get back to do some Uni work. Which by the way seems to be going great, I met my supervisor last Tuesday and he gave me feedback on my essay. He sounded really pleased with my progress and he thinks we’ll be able (notice the “we”) to go on for my transfer of status in September. I’m excited he’s got insight in me, as I have none so far.

Annoying things happen however. And with all this pressure I can’t really respond well. The heat is killing me, I have a headache most of the day, I’m sweating no matter what I do and today I’ve lost my appetite. Stupidly, I booked my ticket without making sure I’ll have enough money for my rent. Even more stupidly, I thought that my flatmate would at least try to make it a little bit easier for me and cycle to town at some point so that I give her my share to pass it on to the landlady, as I’m working every day 9:00-21:30 and it’s not that easy for me to return to Summertown at the time I finish as I need to go to prepare for the next day and go to bed.

Other than this I’m really selfish these days; I require everyone’s attention and I get annoyed when I don’t have it. It really sucks to be me sometimes, but most of the times I love me so I don’t worry that much. I only have to say one thing to my loved one: patience is a virtue! And I don’t work really good …under pressure.

But life goes on, tomorrow is Tuesday… Almost at the middle of the week. Can’t wait to have few days off and do NOTHING at all… I’ll definitely write back when I’m done through this.

Alright then, gotta run. I’m past my bed time…

Goodnight audience. Thanks for reading.



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