Reality check

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you had as much fun as I had! 🙂

To the subject now, I had a meeting with my supervisor on Good Friday, and it went quite… good. For a start, I’m quite close in establishing the theoretic approach of my dissertation. Examining the social relationships of music technology. However, I need to cut down on the amount of information I initially wanted to include (as Martin said, 95% goes, and 5% stays).

For this reason, I think I’m going to dwell into circuit-bending and retro game music, regarding them as part of electronic music culture (as they are both based on electronic circuits). For now I’ll probably leave out ice music and the rest, but I have another plan about all this, so nothing is going be wasted…

Also, I have to submit 2 chapters until the end of this academic year in order to transfer my status to DPhil: “an essay of normally c. 5000 words length, related to the proposed dissertation; a bibliographic essay of the same length, reviewing the literature relevant to the proposed research topic and its field; a statement of 500 words explaining the chosen approach to the research topic” (excerpts from the graduate students’ guide).

And finally, this month I have to submit my report at the Foundation of National Scholarships in Greece.

Quite a busy week… I’m glad there’s the British forum for ethnomusicology conference, I’m looking forward to meeting interesting people, learn about their work, get my mind off mine for a while (I still hope this can be possible at some point!). For more information: .


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