And I thought week 2 was lousy!

I got SICK. Tonsillitis. Thank God I had my lovely antibiotics with me – I’d die without them in the UK. It’s been a week and I’m much better, but not entirely well. Things are still weird in personal life, so I’m not in the best of moods. But anyway.

I’m really happy with the academic writing courses. I feel I can make use of what I’m learning (again). Dr. Charles is great as well, she really knows how to set up a great class. Yay for that then.

I’m afraid I haven’t done much reading but I plan to do more now that I’m feeling better. However, I went to London, at a Day school organised by the Institute of Musical Research. The topic was music sociology. Really interesting, great experience, I plan to go to more.

This Friday I’m going to my first teaching training course. I really can’t wait for this! I hope it proves to be more than I expect.

It’s getting colder in Oxford. Feels like winter…


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