Week 2 Wasnogood.

Title reveals all. This week was not so good. I received terrible news, I felt insecure, alone and lonely. I didn’t really do anything. I felt completely disoriented – I even messed up the time schedule  with the one and only class I have to participate. But I feel different now. I mourned for facts and situations and I feel ready to embark on this adventure. I’m the personification of the “I’m feeling lucky” Google button.

Overall, it’s true that you learn by your mistakes. Not entirely and definitely not always, but sometimes you do. And I finally figured, that no matter how many plans and work you do, there’s always something that can go wrong – and usually, it comes as a surprise!

However, enough of this popular psychology talking. It’s time to act and start a revolution (not in a political sense though, I’m not quite ready for this!).

In this mess, I managed to do bits of reading and tons of thinking. My task at the moment is to try and connect circuit-bending and ice music. I have few vague thoughts, but I need to structure them.

As a starting point, I sense that the connection of the two remains in new media and hacking. If anyone is aware of any articles on this, please enlighten me. I’m basically looking for new media in sonic arts (hence, circuit-bending and ice music), but also any sort of musical bricolage (performance acts like Stomp, and I’d reluctantly say The Vegetable Orchestra, please correct me if I’m wrong).

Many keywords reach my though: new media, hacking, performance, interactivity, (sub)cultures. Any other propositions?

Cross my fingers for week 3.


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