Michaelmas term, week 1

So hmm. I’ve got a home, so I guess “probable homeless dreamer” is insufficient.

Today I virtually experienced an online course on how to get published in the Arts. It sure depressed me more than I expected, no matter how nicely put the lecture was! Academia is the road to hell, or at least, that’s what it looks like. Devastation, distractions, disaster, all “d”s reside there.

Why should anyone bother with my work? It’s not in business, economics, law, medicine or any other money-making discipline. It’s music in relation to media. Double trouble.

And even if someone’s interested in this particular field, what makes me good at what I’m doing?

After a long pause, I had a revelation. I do what I do because I LOVE it. I want it. I don’t really care if anyone cares (well I actually do, that’s just a matter of speaking).

So, I’m wrapping up my tasks:

1) Finish more online courses on time management, conference presentations, publishing etc.

2) Start Academic writing and advanced communication skills (I got in!).

3) I want to be trained as a tutor, I need to improve my skills!

4) Start working on a paper based on my MA dissertation (aka, circuit-bending!)

5) Re-work the paper on music and language for King’s College conference.

6) Meet tutor and erm, announce my schedule and tasks.

Busy week. I need to find time to study as well..


One thought on “Michaelmas term, week 1

  1. we care! don’t give up, the basic reason anyone does a Phd is because of Love 🙂 keep up the good work
    found your blog through academia.edu, anna’s M page 🙂

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