Fresher’s week & other graduate tales

DSC00491The first week is almost over. I really cannot take any more of this! I feel exhausted everyday. I really like the stuff we do here, like wine tasting, going out for pizza, meeting new people, talking, exchanging ideas. For the last 5 days all I do is talk about myself and my research project. Oh, and I took a break in order to explain to a guy the music business. But that counts as fun, doesn’t it?

So far, I’m quite excited and I know what I have to do in order to succeed. Study hard, research harder, and at the same time, socialise. It’s not easy – but it’s definitely worth trying.

I’ve random thoughts on my mind on how to organise my time in Oxford. I definitely want to take academic writing courses. Also, during St Peter’s graduate induction, I was informed that there’s a department of skills management and training. This is where I will take up teaching training classes, which will assist me in well, teaching others my research topic (and others). Also, there’s a quite interesting course on Publishing in Arts, which sounds great and I really want to apply for it.

Also, I’ll be working at the Bate collection (ed: Music instruments’ collection within the faculty of music in Oxford) voluntarily. It seems like an exciting experience. Just the idea of being in contact with loads of old – and I mean VERY old – music instruments, is devastating (in a good manner).

I’ve also arranged a meeting with my tutor and I plan to arrange another with my college advisor.

Further plans include a small talk on my research project – with an emphasis on circuit-bending – in November 3rd at St Peter’s College. I will present a poster of my work, and talk it over with the other graduates.

At the same time, I’m working on an article on music language for a conference at King’s College which takes place in February.

And last but definitely, not least, I’ve started working on my proposed essay (won’t tell any more yet) and my topic title – stuff which is important for my upgrade to proper DPhil candidate.

Finally, I’ve met many interesting people, and I’m glad for this.


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