Everything in its rightful place

I’ve got a place to live!our garden

I’ve got a place to call home!

A nice flat I return late at nights and relax…

The only thing that I need right now, is some free time to enjoy it…

Apart from that, every thing’s just fine. Just came back from Greece, voted, I’m really glad the conservatives are not part of our government, but I’m not really pleased with the selection of the social-democrats. Not that there were enough options though.

At this point, I’ve got a home number, just got a phone contract, and soon I’ll be using Skype on my phone! How exciting is that? Well, to me it is. A PhD student has no life. So yeah, having mobile internet technology is chic.

In other news: the Faculty of Music is great. Everyone is just lovely! It was our first day today.. and I’m quite impressed by little things such as the 50,000 vinyl discs in our collection library. I also got to play Handel’s harpsichord! Yeah, you know. Stuff like that :-).

More info coming soon…


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