Blogging for the sake of MyKind

PhDMy dissertation is finished, I went on holidays to lovely Paris, and now I’m in the UK ready to work on my PhD.

I have started translating my dissertation, so once it’s ready, I’ll let you know.

At the moment, I’m working on an article on circuit-bending and music hacking with Noah Vawter from the MIT. We’ll do this for the Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, which organises ReFunct09, a symposium on circuit-bending and music hacking generally. I will update you on this later on.

As a PhD student, I have so many aspirations and hopes, and dreams, and everything. I stumbled upon a webpage which explains what the initials PhD stand for and here’s the list:
* Patiently hoping for a Degree
* Piled higher and Deeper
* Professorship? hah! Dream on!
* Please hire. Desperate.
* Physiologically Deficient
* Pour him (or her) a Drink
* Philosophically Disturbed
* Probably headed for Divorce
* Pathetically hopeless Dweeb
* Probably heavily in Debt
* Parents have Doubts
* Professors had Doubts
* Pheromone Deprived
* Probably hard to Describe
* Patiently headed Downhill…
* Permanent head Damage
* Pulsating heaving Disaster?
* Pretty homely Dork
* Potential heavy Drinker
* Professional hamburger Dispenser
* Post hole Digger
* Professional hair Dresser
* Progressive heart Doctor
* Professional humidity Detector
* Piano hauling Done
* Pro at hurling Darts
* Professional hugger of Dames
* Private house Detective
* Pizza hut Driver
* Pretty heavily Depressed
* Prozac handouts Desired
* Pretty heavy Diploma
* Pathetic homeless Dreamer
* Please hold Dangerous
* Permanently held Dear
* Proudly half Dead
* Promised hell Down-the-road
* Precisely helping Deadheads
* Processed here, Dammit
* Probably heavenly Death

I renamed my blog to “Probable homeless Dreamer” as I feel this is what suits me better. But this may change in time…
For now, I’m looking for other PhD students’ blogs. So if you have any to propose to me, please do so…


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