I just love changing my mind

And it happens to me quite often.

I’ve finished writing 2.1 on Culture (Mass & Popular culture, Subculture & Post-Subculture) and now I’m working on 2.2 which is entitled “Borders of creativity: from the underground to mainstream” (or it’s going be something like that, don’t know yet). That’s not the problem anyway.

The new title of my dissertation is going be something like “de/con/structing: hacking as post-subculture in contemporary popular music: a case study on circuit-bending”. So I’ve got covered the theory of cultures etc, and also the shift from subcultures to popular culture. What is left now?

The chapter about hacking. Only I’m not sure if this has to be in chapter 2, I believe it should have its own place as chapter 3: “hacking as a post-subculture”, “hacking in music”, stuff like that. This sounds good but what happens with chapter 2? Only two parts? (2.1 on cultures and 2.2 on borders of creativity). I think that’s odd, I haven’t seen any dissertations that have only two parts for their theoretic background, so I don’t know.

Of course I could just put a 2.3 which is something like a conclusion based upon 2.1 and 2.2. And call it something totally postmodern like, “re-thinking popular musics”. That would be funny.

I don’t know. Still got 15 days. I can’t wait to finish this.


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