First Circuit-Bending attempt: Burnt.

I’ve just destroyed my first bent instrument. I feel so disappointed.

It was just a toy piano, one and a half octave. Nothing fancy.

I first put a 1/4 jack output – I was so happy when that worked! I couldn’t stop playing! Then I wanted more, so I started bending the circuit by pushing my fingers against resistors. My room was full with lovely unstructured noises that had great potentials. Then of course, I wanted to add a volume potentiometer. I couldn’t work this out, it took me ages to figure out how it should be soldered. But yes, I made it! And finally, I wanted to add an on/off toggle switch – I did this at once, piece of cake! I had my marvelous bent instrument plugged in and playing… So I soldered a small cable to play with my toy – a simple touch of the other end of it and it went nuts.  So, where did it go wrong?

I made holes in the toy’s body so that I could fix all my additions. Something must have happened then, because soon after I finished placing everything on the instrument, there was no sound signal. I changed the batteries, I took of the switch and potentiometer, I even replaced the small speaker. I could hear a humming noise but no tone. So I figured there should be something wrong with the circuit. I checked all of it, and I believe there’s a burnt connection on its surface that connects the main transistor with the keys. I tried to replace the connections with a new cable but it didn’t work.

I feel like an idiot for not using the black-and-decker properly. Damn it! DAMN!

I didn’t even clean my desk. It’s all there, the remains of my glory… I’m very disappointed, I just hope I can find the same toy piano again so that I just put everything in the old toy.


2 thoughts on “First Circuit-Bending attempt: Burnt.

  1. There is only one thing to do: take a picture of it, publish it, and move on! Be proud of your explorations!

  2. I was very frustrated because I didn’t even destroy it in its glory, it was an accident that had nothing to do with me tossing with the circuit. It was clumsiness at its best!

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