Quick Question

What’s the point in writing a new-musicology/popular studies dissertation/thesis/article/essay?

a. provide information about past bibliographies

b. provide new insight of the field

c. cite your work and references in order to contribute as a writer

d. criticize other’s work because you believe you’re better than them

I’m waiting for you answers! Or any other comments. Feel free to write even if you have no idea about new musicology or popular studies.


2 thoughts on “Quick Question

  1. in my humble opinion,dearest, the world goes forward with enquiring minds. An enquiring mind is a brilliant mind, therefore shedding more light on an otherwise controversial or obscure subject is the way forward.
    B. please!

  2. Ah Rinoula (you should use this nickname btw, sounds like you!), I don’t really know if there’s only one answer to my question. The thing is, others don’t share my opinion. So, we have to fit our ideas in an academic box that is not always compatible with the artistic side of that thing we’re researching. It’s easy to start talking about the arts, but when it comes to narrow it down, it’s a pain in you-know-where. Anyway, I shouldn’t complain that much!

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