Academia and more

Yesterday morning I went to University Admissions to get the results from all the courses I had taken. I was quite pleased to find I’ve got a 8,7 average which means I can apply for any scholarship I want. I’m not happy for specific courses, such as ‘Intellectual Property Law” and few others, but there’s not use crying over spoilt milk. However, my dissertation will matter more than the courses, so I need to work hard for a great mark. I never thought I’d be after “excellency” since I don’t believe anyone’s perfect. I totally understand that foundations want to promote with their scholarships the brightest of students, but I’ve always wondered, what happens for those that got an unlucky grade because their teacher was an ass/they had a bad day exam/the teacher was not suitable for the course and above all, reading a book and learning it by heart is not their cup of tea.

What happens with those people? Is there a special ‘committee’ that will interview someone and see their motivation and devotion that will propose them for a scholarship even their grades don’t show their brilliant minds? And as for these foundations -at least in my country, Greece- that offer scholarships, how honest are they? Do they really promote those that are in need of money and are great students, or do they choose those in favour of people that work within the foundations or are academics’ children or even, when specific academics “push” their favourite students? I’m only raising this question because it is of great importance. And what happens when these people get the scholarship, and they don’t really deserve it? When they become next generation’s tutors and continue the pattern and  of course, become asses and don’t evaluate properly because if they do, their pets don’t stand a chance?

Hmm. Mind-blowing. And this is only a beginning of havoc.

I also wonder why are there only few scholarships in music/musicology for greek students. The foundation of national scholarships offers one (1) scholarship in the subject of musicology for a student that will continue their studies at a Greek university. And the others, that want to leave abroad? Erm, sorry, nothing. So this leaves us with 2-3 other private foundations (the Voudouri foundation, Onasseion, Goulandri, Micheli). Unfortunately there are no scholarships for students from my hometown. And you can’t get a scholarship both from Voudouri and Onasseion, you have to choose one because they are actually the same foundation. And Goulandri doesn’t offer a scholarship for musicology this year. At least there’s AHRC for next year.

Sorry for the long moan but I had to take it out (once more!).

Good news is that I can give my final dissertation copy anytime until September and support it anytime my supervisor wants. So I still have time. I plan to do it in mid-June. So yay! Finally something good…


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