Chapter One: Literature Review Outline

First of all, thanks to everyone that already replied to the questionnaires. It’s very helpful as the first deadline approaches and I feel quite weak at knees… I hope I will make it by the 12th of May…so I’m counting backwards until the day I’ll give my supervisor the first draft.

Here’s a brief outline of the first chapter, the literature review.

Chapter 1:Literature reviewChapter 1.

1.1. Circuit-bending: an introduction (what is, bibliography, who, when, how etc)

1.2. Consumption and the popular music industry

1.2.1. Popular Culture/Musics

1.2.2. The materiality of music and media (objectivity, consumption and music technology, media consumption)

1.2.3.Boundaries of Popular music/sound

1.2.4.Noise: human agency


It’s going be around 4000 words (erm, maybe 5000. I hope I can narrow it down!). The topics used represent key features of circuit-bending. For the first chapter, I need to ground my theory, that circuit-bending is a method of composing popular music which is understood as popular in its own terms (the “mainstreamed underground”). So, I first outline popular music industry as it is (and then at the third chapter, I’ll examine circuit-bending and its parallel “industry”). Then, I’m examining the importance of consumption in popular music (buying instruments, music technology etc) and how hackerism and d-i-y ideologies stand against this. Materiality of music (and of course, sound) and the media is a key concept. It examines the importance of media for the production of music, but also for musicians communication. As everything, popular music has limits. And these are the ones that are trying to be trespassed with circuit-bending, so that brings us to noise, the controlled chaos of sound, where human agency (causality) reigns: relationships between humans and objects (in our case, items that become music instruments). And of course, a wrap-up of the chapter at the end.

I sense this is a good outline, but not complete. I’m still reading (I hope I finish at some point soon and start writing).

Any ideas about chapter 1? Agree? Disagree?  Why? Where? Other suggestions?

Hurray for comments! 😀


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