back in track

Today’s a day of great progress for my dissertation. I haven’t been working on it much, due to personal issues. As it’s a hard period for most of us (no money, no job, no future, no problem?) I’ve been thinking a lot. Thinking is a tricky thing to do – I suggest you do it when you don’t have to meet a deadline… It seems though that today I didn’t turn down my books, as I’ve been doing lately; instead, I read, wrote, commented.

I’ve met with my supervisor before Easter holidays. It went pretty well, better than I expected. My hopes were true, my fears eliminated. I’m on good track: I’ve finished chapter 1 outline (now I only need to connect the pieces I’ve written in chaos to a proper readable text) and I’m also working on chapter 3. It won’t take long I suppose. Chapter 2 is almost done (easiest chapter) and I’ve already been making assumptions for chapter 4, conclusion. I’ve also fantasized about writing style, it will work fine.

I’ve received Neural’s back issues – it’s really great, it would be quite interesting for anyone into arts/media/diy stuff. Also, I’ve been watching my lovely Bent Festival DVDs which will support the audiovisual part of my presentation… I’ll return to this later on.

Next week, I must send off the questionnaires… I should have done this much earlier but my human side was busy thinking – oh how I wish I was a cyborg.

So, more information soon about chapter outline.

Thanks for reading this! xxx


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