Books, articles, and more readings

I haven’t posted for a while, it’s not that I’m not doing any work – I am!

So far, I’ve got all the materials I need thanks to everyone that helped. I’ve ordered several back issues of Neural magazine (great stuff, new media art, electronic music, hacktivism), which shall arrive this week. Also, I’ve ordered all four Bent festival DVDs from Derek Sajbel’s website (he’s done great work, I really cannot wait to see all this edited material!). You can say I’ve been shopping a lot…

I’ve also downloaded “Handmade electronic music” from Baba e-books (rapidshare link here), but Wayne Wylupsky has informed me Nicolas Collins (the writer) released a second edition, so I’ll check the revised one as well as soon as it’s available.

I’ve been reading Holt’s “Genre in Popular Music”, Negus’s “Music Genres and Corporate Cultures”, and also Oliver’s “Settling the score: a journey through the music of 20th century”. I’m also reading several articles, revising Theberge’s “Any sound you can imagine”. Any suggestions?

By tomorrow night, I have to arrange an appointment with my supervisor, finish a satisfactory amount of my readings, and hopefully, start writing the literature review…



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