Here I go once again…

I’ve edited and erased this blog so many times I hardly ever remember a) when did I create it and b) why did I keep erasing it.  Probably, that’s because I don’t have anything really I want to say – not because I’m a boring person, I wouldn’t say so – but only because I don’t feel like telling other people what’s going on. Hmm. Why did I ever create this blog? What was I thinking?

Human psychology is sooooo complex. Sometimes it’s difficult to deconstruct my actions and try to understand why! OK, I understand my intentions, but that’s it. Although I’m not here to talk jibberish, please allow me to do so. It’s my personal space (I don’t pay a dime but still… I DID IT FIRST HERE) and dear wordpress will allow me to write no matter what. VIVA FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

This time, I promise I’ll write some good stuff in this blog. For a start, I’m going use it as a personal diary, only with the difference that people can read it (WTF?) and comment (WTF??) and maybe offer their advice (W T F ? ? ?). Sooo…

Welcome to my world  and don’t forget. What you see/read ain’t what you’re getting or who I really am. This is only a part of who I am (or who I am not). I hope you see my point here.


2 thoughts on “Here I go once again…

  1. koritsaki, mallon tha prepei na kourastikes me olin ayti tin MATERIAL CULTURE pou asholeisai… giati den vriskeis kalytera kana kalo paidi opos thalege i giagiaka sou ktl, ktl ????????

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