First day…thoughts?

I’ve been trying hard to study today, I don’t know why, I wasn’t in the mood I suppose. I hate it when this happens – especially when I’m running out of time.

I made a mixed plan of my time schedule and what I need to write in the dissertation. Briefly, it should contain 12-14 sections: first page with title, acknowledgments, table of contents, abstract and then literature review, methods, data chapter, analysis and results, conclusions, table of references, index, appendixes.

Tomorrow I’m going start working on the literature review. I’ve already selected several books on popular music, consumption, the culture of music industry, popular music in everyday life and other sorts. I’m going to make specific categories which will be critically analysed in the first chapter, and will provide the reader with any important bibliographical background they need to know on the subject of the consumption of popular music but also, the alternatives. I need to fill a couple of gaps I’ve got, especially on how to relate circuit bending as an example of an alternative way of composing and producing music. At this moment, I’m thinking of including 8-bit music as another case study with a specific background. I don’t see this happening though, so I’ll just keep that wayyyy back on my mind.

I’m really perplexed about the data analysis chapter. I don’t really understand how I’m going to analyse the interviews, musical examples, and any sort of research I will make on circuit bending in order to fit the first argument: there are alternative ways of consuming and producing popular music. I still cannot see clearly the link between chapter 1 and 3. Toy instruments are alien, embodiments of a musical identity, they sort of bring about memories, they are recycled materials whose materiality has been changed/modified. With these toys, musicians explore sound and especially noise, a very important notion in music. What is noise’s meaning for them? Why do they reuse toys? Why do they customise them? And anyway, why toys and not something else?

First things first.

Bonne nuit.


One thought on “First day…thoughts?

  1. if you want to gather some research about Circuit Bending, I recommend composing a list of questions and heading over to to ask CircuitMaster ( to post the questions. You should be able to get reasonable answers as comments from folks there.

    For instance, I would say that circuit bending is a post-modern folk art, and go from there…

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